Monday, November 30, 2015

GOOD NEWS! Produk SHOM on Promo!

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Hello readers!

So here I would like to highlight current promotion from Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing (SHOM). Please grab it fast as the price is much cheaper than normal price! And most of the products are hot selling and fast selling too!! Don't wait till the promo end!!

Premium Beautiful Corset (both Classic and Elegance)

Why it is hot selling and fast selling? Because the price you can get is HALF OF ITS ORIGINAL PRICE*!! Good news for new entrepreneur to start online business, because this is a great combination for a beginner. You might wear PB corset for FREE!  

*Price range depends on size

BVSM Sleepmate

You want to get BVSM at very minimum price? RM 450 only for a piece of BVSM, its about 60% discount!! One family should have at least one piece of BVSM to keep away from unseen radiation around us. BVSM also gives a quality sleep to us and our kids. A lot of testimony from stroke patient gives positive feedback on BVSM.

BB Plus Collagen

You want to have a flawless and radiant skin? Get your super hot and fast selling collagen now as you can get one FREE box of collagen when you purchase 4 boxes of collagen at RM 660 only!! Wowwww a must have for the ladies especially 25 years old and above as your collagen supply start decreasing. Stay young and healthy with fish collagen!

CC Cream Cozuma

A very light texture of CC cream that gives you a confident look all day long. Just a minimum apply on your skin and a tube of CC cream would last 6 months! Worth buy as you can get 1 FREE tube of Cozuma CC cream when you purchase 3 boxes!

BV Alfalfa Concentrated

I have been drinking BV alfalfa half a bottle. BV alfalfa drinks keep you hydrate and energetic at the same time. It is good for those who are looking for detox drink. You can add lemon slices and cucumber in your BV alfalfa drink which contain very high mineral in your drink. Don't worry, eventhough the color of BV alfalfa is green but it is tasteless and odorless!

BioSeleza Feminine Pad

This is my daily companion to stay clean and hygiene all day long. There is green lining in the pantiliner and pad which has BV energy to keep your precious part (vagina) away from germs and bacteria. Vagina is a part where the bacteria can grow easily because of sweating and menstrual time. The best part is the pads are made up from non-toxic and not from recycle paper and tissues!! You can check the expiry date as well at each and every pack. 

premium beautiful certified agent,
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