Monday, April 20, 2015


Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Rejab. Selamat berpuasa kepada yang berpuasa harini.

Weekend recently, Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing (SHOM) organised an event - Diamond Night to give awards to CAR FUND achievers, RM720k sales achievers and RM180k sales achievers!! Every year we will celebrate our business partners on their achievement.

Happy and excited sebab boleh celebrate sama-sama even they are just my sidelines. Yang paling penting we all support each other and sharing positive vibes among us.

New logo of SHOM has been launched as well that night! Meriah sangat-sangat malam tu. Rasa macam duduk dekat dalam anugerah MeleTOP. Mana taknya, semua usahawan yang datang pakai macam retis and designer baju diorang pun bukan calang-calang.

Ada yang pakai macam Neelofa ni ha. So gorgeous and cantik. and of course the roses petal on the dress is from Fiziwoo designer!  

Ada banyak lagi gambar dress yang cantik-cantik tau malam tu. Yang ini House of Cosry;

She is one of diamond achievers in our group - PIN. Suka sangat dengan semangat dia ni. Completekan RM720k sales masa tengah dalam pantang lagi. Tahniah DDM Danis!!

My mommy cum mentor and sista in business tak kurang jugak. So gorgeous in pink and cream colour. Its from Jovian Mandagie you ollzz..

Thank you so much sebab introduce me in this business. Sebab memang sangat best and excited duduk dalam group yang memang power and sentiasa help each other. Tak pernah rasa busuk hati dengan kejayaan orang lain, malah lagi bersemangat nak buat, buat and buat sampai jadi. Thank you again sista!! More to come after this!

This is my super gorgeous, super lady in PIN group, cikcida with her beautiful dress in electric blue color. And this dress designed by Rizman Ruzaini

Mummy cikcida and mummy PuanSeri

Cantik sangat mommies I ni!! InsyaAllah, next award I tapau tiga2 award yer sayang.

1. Car Fund (sebab nak beli AUDI A4)

2. DDM!!

3. DSM!!

Last but not least is me, myself and I in a humble picture.. Hahahaha

It's ME!!

I tell u all out there, this business is awesome where you can build up your confident level, your knowledge in marketing and business and there are lot of positive vibes while supporting each other in a team.

Semuanya hanya dengan online.
Semuanya diajar from A to Z.
Yang paling penting ilmu yang disampaikan FREE sahaja.

Wait no more to join our happening clan by contacting me 0126714487.
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