Monday, October 27, 2014

BioSeleza pad hebat

Salam and hi to readers.

Hai-O just launch their new product less than 2 months - BioSeleza feminine pad. Surprisingly, all the pads and pantiliner are out of stock!! Lucky me, I have stock in hand. 

Why we need BioSeleza pad?

  • It is made of high quality cotton and has a soft layer. So, it will protect your vagina.

  • It has high absorption layer and the molecules in it was imported from Japan. The most important thing it has been approved from WHO (World Health Organisation)  
  • The lower layer of the pad has a good ventilation so it will avoid your vagina become sweat and there will be more bacteria. 
  • The sticker has a food-grade where it is more quality than ordinary pad which uses industry grade sticker.
Have you ever think why cervical cancer is one of woman's silent killer. Don't wait no more. please CHANGE your normal pad to BioSeleza feminine pad.   

Call/whatsapp 0126714487

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