Monday, January 27, 2014

Marine essence beauty bar

Hai everyone..

Have been busy as a start in 2014 and the silent of this blog doesn't mean I have stopped from online business, no, no and no.. Mostly my customers are from this blog!! Thank you for your support!!

Eh, the introduction seems nothing to do with blog title. LOL!!

Okay, let me updating something on beauty bar marine essence. Or known as sabun hijau or some might called sabun keti**.. Hihi

This soap is sellable and the demand is high. Because it is really work on baby and kids with eczema and sensitive skin too..

Here is one of testimony from loyal customer, she bought for her sister who has sensitive skin..

So here I would like to announce that I have stock in hand.. :D

Baru bukak kotak baru.. Stock in hand.. Grab your beautybar marineessence now.. Good for sensitive skin, eczema, kulit gatal2 and jerawat.. Ada bamboosalt dalam beautybar ni yang boleh reduce and kecutkan jerawat.. ;) ;)) lelaki n perempuan pun boleh pakai.. No problem..

RM 105 with postage.. PM me for order 0126714487
COD area Bangi and Shah Alam..


Marine essence beauty bar

January 27, 2014