Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lets purify our food

Apa yang you all akan buat bila nampak buih-buih yang terkumpul di atas permukaan seperti gambar dibawah:

Buih-buih ni daripada rebusan ayam. Biasanye kalau nak buat stok ayam ataupun sup ayam, kita akan rebus dulu ayam tu. Mesti ada kawan-kawan yang selalu masak kat rumah pun experience bende yang sama.

It is a FATTY ACID people! Fatty acid is a polymer-based dan susah utk absorb kedalam badan. Sangat2 bahaya dan boleh menyebabkan cancer. As we all know, ayam-ayam bandar kebanyakan disuntik dgn fatty acid. Secara tidak sedar, dah banyak sebenarnya kita consume makanan yg tak sihat langsung ni.

Macam mana nak buang fatty acid ni? Bile dah nampak buih-buih pada rebusan ayam ni, berapa ramai sangat yang akan senduk dan buang buih-buih racun tu. Walaupun kita dah basuh dengan garam ataupun air beras, tetapi buih-buih tu tetap ada!! Dengan membuang buih-buih tersebut, the problem is not solved..

Jadi saya gunakan Biozone food purifier. You all boleh tengok sendiri buih-buih yang dihasilkan selepas 15 to 30 minit purifying process.

Buih2 ni ialah fatty acid yg tak boleh dibakar sbb it is a long chain polymer-based. Macam you all bakar plastik.. It is non biodegradable..

Gunalah biozone purifier untuk kesihatan diri dan keluarga.. Semua jenis makanan mentah boleh purify dgn biozone.. Sayur-sayuran, ikan, daging, buah-buahan etc..

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monster University - pixar movie

Hello readers!

My kids and family love to watch Pixar's movies so much. Not only because of 3D technology but also the story line. There are a lot of moral values that can be considered.


And now we are looking forward to watch Monster University that will be released tomorrow. Siapa yang tengok Monster Inc? They are so cute aren't they??

Lets watch Monster University and bring your kids people to the nearest cinema!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Molar pregnancy

What is molar pregnancy? Some people in Malaysia would called it 'bunting anggur'.
Molar pregnancy is an abnormal growth of foetus or it could be an embryo in uterus. This growth triggers symptoms of pregnancy. Some woman will undergo nausea and vomiting. Molar pregnancy has to be treated right away. It is also an indicator of cancer. All of the tissue should be removed.

About 1 of 1500 women with early pregnancy symptoms has a molar pregnancy. Molar pregnancy is thought to be caused by a problem with the genetic information of an egg or sperm.  There are 2 types of molar pregnancy:

  • Complete molar pregnancy : An egg with no genetic information is fertilized by a sperm. The sperm grows on its own, but it can only become a lump of tissue. It cannot become foetus. As this tissue grows, it looks a bit like a cluster of grapes. This cluster of tissue can fill the uterus.
Source: google image

  • Partial molar pregnancy: An egg is fertilized by 2 sperms. The placenta becomes the molar growth. Any fetal tissue that forms is likely to have severe defects. Sometimes a pregnancy that seems to be twins is found to be one foetus and one molar pregnancy.  But this is very rare.
Source: Google image

Factor of molar pregnancy:

  • Age - the risk for complete molar pregnancy steadily increases after age 35.
  • A history of molar pregnancy - especially if you have had 2 or more.
  • A history of miscarriage
  • A diet low in carotene - Carotene can be found in carrot and it is formed of vitamin A. A women who don't get enough of this vitamin have a higher rate of complete molar pregnancy.
  • Missed period or morning sickness just like a normal pregnancy
  • Bleeding from vagina
  • Severe nausea and vomiting
  • Sign of hyperthyroidism - feeling nervous or tired, having a fast or irregular heartbeat and sweating a lot.
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the pelvis.
  • Vaginal discharge of tissue that is shaped like grapes.

How it is being diagnosed?
  • A pelvic exam (pelvic ultrasound)
  • A blood test to measure your pregnancy hormones
How to avoid?

Woman out there, please be extra conscious when you start or plan to conceive. There are many ways to treat molar pregnancy. There are some cases, molar pregnancy can be reproduced even the tissue has been removed. Here, I would like to suggest people who experienced molar pregnancy and miscarriage to wear Premium Beautiful corset where it has far infra red embedded in the corset and the source is from bioceramic thread. It can promote blood circulation and can shrink the cyst.

Call/whatsapp/sms to 0126714487 for free consultation..

fatty acid

Lets purify our food

June 29, 2013

Monster University - pixar movie

June 19, 2013

Molar pregnancy

June 18, 2013