Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Result GE 13

Congratulation to SPR who have done a great job on General Election last Sunday. Eventho people out there are still talking about non-transparent election, we have to give credit to SPR because they have done their best. Honesty of the SPR people have been query by many people out there. For me, it is between Allah and them. We can just recite do'a and hoping that Allah will show the true colours of them.

Honestly, I am happy when PKR still holding Selangor and I know BN is fighting for Selangor with their campaign before the election and the song 'Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN' which is only for Selangor ya. Well, besides that I feel sad+mad to the peoples in FB which are still arguing and yet they have no facts to argue. What kind of community we have? What kind of mentality they have? From the arguments, I can value them that they have a 3rd grade mentality. Pity them. But I also would love to read the post that have facts and figure. Rather than that, I think they are just wasting their time for arguing the post related which may be posted by some people who just want to create the arguments etc.

What is past, is past. But the parties involved in recent election should have consider the youngster which are under 21 of age. They are also reading the FB and all the social media in this virtual world. They are alert and can also judge the parties, and not only that, they have decided which party to be voted in next general election. By the time they might registered and ready to cast the vote.

Overall, we as Malaysian community are proud when everybody is concern on our responsibility to our country and the prove is when more than 80% of registered voters had cast their votes. So, people out there, stop pin pointing each other and we have to work hard for better nation and for our family. Peace!!

Me and my cousin

Eventho we have different perception on the parties, but we can sit and eat together!

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