Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE 13 poll

"Ubah! Ini kalilah! Lain kalilah!" adalah slogan-slogan yang dilaungkan oleh pengundi-pengundi diMalaysia diFB, twitter dan blog.
Walau ape pun keputusan pada 9 malam ini, kita terima dengan redha dan harapkan yang terbaik untuk semua..
This morning I went to my school with history, SMK sect 19 shah alam with my friends which I have known since 8 years old.

We line up in 'saluran 5'. Suddenly, SPR staff came to us and said, you can just go to the respective room because I bring my kid.. Then, I straight away go to the room and vote.
Since everybody is posting finger with ink picture, I also did it in FB and insta.. :D

So, whatever the result is, just take it dengan redha and please dont be samseng you guys.. This is Malaysia and we have rules and regulation. Peace you all..

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