Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mara Psychometric Test

Hello people!

I have been to psychometric test last 2 weeks which is requirement by MARA to get loan for further my study in PhD.  Last year I applied this loan too and MARA did not give any test or interview but I have to reject due to some reason.

So this year, I apply the loan again and I have to sit for exam! My last exam was in 7 years back during my MSc.. hahaha..

This test is called psychometric test which consist of 100 MCQ (multiple choice question) and 1 essay. You have to complete it in 1 hour! Yes 1 hour.. 100 MCQ is divided into 2 parts - 50 questions for first part and another 50 questions for second part. The first 50 questions are in english and consist of mathematics, IT, management, leadership and grammatical error in english. While the other 50 questions are in Malay and it is more to personality test. Personality test is to test whether you have consistency in answering the question without thinking too much. For example question 1 and question 45 have the same answer, and sometimes  we tend to forget what we have answered in question 1. At the same time we dont have much time to check the answer. Remember, we have only 1 hour! So be sincered when you choose your answer.

For essay, you have to write 50 words on 'How do you see yourself in 5 years'. Don't write too much. It is basically 10 words per line and you should have 5 line in a paragraph. Just write briefly on what are you going to execute after you achieve your master or PhD. Not only planning, but how do you go about it.

You can also 'like' page in facebook on Pascasiswazah2013 to get some info and also can track the progress of your application. To date, I still waiting for the test result. Tomorrow, 15 May, there are candidates who had appeal to sit for the exam will take it in German Malaysian Institute, Kajang. Wish you all the best and I hope we can go and further study abroad and bring knowledge that we have gain in other country.

All the best!!
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