Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BB Plus Collagen

Only one sachet (5g) setiap hari untuk memiliki kulit muda yang cantik dan mulus. Proses hidrolisis menghasilkan peptides (3,000 size Dalton) yang sedia diserap. BB Plus mengandungi peptida kolagen yang tinggi untuk mengganti dan membina semula rantaian kolagen yang diperlukan untuk menjadikan kulit anjal, lembap, tegang dan gebu menawan. Rasa yang sedap dari campuran ekstrak blackcurrant 100% dan jus Roselle berkualiti tinggi serta kolagen ikan yang tidak berbau sangat sesuai diminum oleh semua.
Fish collagen (source:


  • Fish collagen is 7 times more capable of breaking collagen to be absorbed than collagen from animal extract like chicken and cow. (source:
  • High in content: fish scale contains microelement, growth hormone with half its collagen.
  • Easy to absorb: Fish scale collagen is low in molecular weight. High purity extraction can be achieved through advanced extracting technique.
  • Safety: Animal such as pig, cow and sheep all have higher body temperature than human. Collagen extract from animal posses potential risk when exposed contagious disease between animal and human, and that raises concerns when use. However, fish scale is not part of internal organ which makes it more natural and safe to use.
  • Environmental friendly: Fish scales is used to be as rubbish fertilizer. Through the extracting technique from bio-technology, it is beneficial to human.
  • Health benefit: Fish scale collagen makes you feel healthier.

BBplus collagen
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