Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BB Plus Collagen on promotion

Come and grab your BB plus collagen now while stock last. Only a few boxes with me. First come first serve!! Promo price RM 150 per box. RM 280 for 2 boxes.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Glamour jugak burger bakar abang burn ni. Dah banyak juga franchise kat sini. One of the franchise in Bangi is at Sg Ramal Food Junction.

Since review daripada orang-orang Bangi dan Kajang mengatakan Burger Bakar Abang Burn paling sedap di kawasan ini, so we one family pun try this burger bakar.

Sg Ramal food junction is located near the silk highway. If you are from Bangi, you can heading to Plus toll Kajang, before the toll, turn to the right. A few kilometres, you can see the food court at your left handside. It is also near to the housing area.

These are our food. We ordered burger bakar and meat ball.

The meat ball is also yummy.
The queue to order this burger is long, but the service is fast. If you don't want to queue, you might come here after 10 pm.

There is another stall for satay, called satay Willey. I haven't try this satay, but from the review they said that satay Willey is much better than satay Samuri!

Till then, happy eating!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BB Plus Collagen

Only one sachet (5g) setiap hari untuk memiliki kulit muda yang cantik dan mulus. Proses hidrolisis menghasilkan peptides (3,000 size Dalton) yang sedia diserap. BB Plus mengandungi peptida kolagen yang tinggi untuk mengganti dan membina semula rantaian kolagen yang diperlukan untuk menjadikan kulit anjal, lembap, tegang dan gebu menawan. Rasa yang sedap dari campuran ekstrak blackcurrant 100% dan jus Roselle berkualiti tinggi serta kolagen ikan yang tidak berbau sangat sesuai diminum oleh semua.

Fish collagen (source:http://www.bombayharbor.com)


  • Fish collagen is 7 times more capable of breaking collagen to be absorbed than collagen from animal extract like chicken and cow. (source: www.dr-wellness.net)
  • High in content: fish scale contains microelement, growth hormone with half its collagen.
  • Easy to absorb: Fish scale collagen is low in molecular weight. High purity extraction can be achieved through advanced extracting technique.
  • Safety: Animal such as pig, cow and sheep all have higher body temperature than human. Collagen extract from animal posses potential risk when exposed contagious disease between animal and human, and that raises concerns when use. However, fish scale is not part of internal organ which makes it more natural and safe to use.
  • Environmental friendly: Fish scales is used to be as rubbish fertilizer. Through the extracting technique from bio-technology, it is beneficial to human.
  • Health benefit: Fish scale collagen makes you feel healthier.

BBplus collagen
Jom jadi agen BBplus!!

Place an order NOW!! You can sms or whatsapp me at 0126714487 :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mara Psychometric Test

Hello people!

I have been to psychometric test last 2 weeks which is requirement by MARA to get loan for further my study in PhD.  Last year I applied this loan too and MARA did not give any test or interview but I have to reject due to some reason.

So this year, I apply the loan again and I have to sit for exam! My last exam was in 7 years back during my MSc.. hahaha..

This test is called psychometric test which consist of 100 MCQ (multiple choice question) and 1 essay. You have to complete it in 1 hour! Yes 1 hour.. 100 MCQ is divided into 2 parts - 50 questions for first part and another 50 questions for second part. The first 50 questions are in english and consist of mathematics, IT, management, leadership and grammatical error in english. While the other 50 questions are in Malay and it is more to personality test. Personality test is to test whether you have consistency in answering the question without thinking too much. For example question 1 and question 45 have the same answer, and sometimes  we tend to forget what we have answered in question 1. At the same time we dont have much time to check the answer. Remember, we have only 1 hour! So be sincered when you choose your answer.

For essay, you have to write 50 words on 'How do you see yourself in 5 years'. Don't write too much. It is basically 10 words per line and you should have 5 line in a paragraph. Just write briefly on what are you going to execute after you achieve your master or PhD. Not only planning, but how do you go about it.

You can also 'like' page in facebook on Pascasiswazah2013 to get some info and also can track the progress of your application. To date, I still waiting for the test result. Tomorrow, 15 May, there are candidates who had appeal to sit for the exam will take it in German Malaysian Institute, Kajang. Wish you all the best and I hope we can go and further study abroad and bring knowledge that we have gain in other country.

All the best!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Result GE 13

Congratulation to SPR who have done a great job on General Election last Sunday. Eventho people out there are still talking about non-transparent election, we have to give credit to SPR because they have done their best. Honesty of the SPR people have been query by many people out there. For me, it is between Allah and them. We can just recite do'a and hoping that Allah will show the true colours of them.

Honestly, I am happy when PKR still holding Selangor and I know BN is fighting for Selangor with their campaign before the election and the song 'Sayangi Selangor, Yakini BN' which is only for Selangor ya. Well, besides that I feel sad+mad to the peoples in FB which are still arguing and yet they have no facts to argue. What kind of community we have? What kind of mentality they have? From the arguments, I can value them that they have a 3rd grade mentality. Pity them. But I also would love to read the post that have facts and figure. Rather than that, I think they are just wasting their time for arguing the post related which may be posted by some people who just want to create the arguments etc.

What is past, is past. But the parties involved in recent election should have consider the youngster which are under 21 of age. They are also reading the FB and all the social media in this virtual world. They are alert and can also judge the parties, and not only that, they have decided which party to be voted in next general election. By the time they might registered and ready to cast the vote.

Overall, we as Malaysian community are proud when everybody is concern on our responsibility to our country and the prove is when more than 80% of registered voters had cast their votes. So, people out there, stop pin pointing each other and we have to work hard for better nation and for our family. Peace!!

Me and my cousin

Eventho we have different perception on the parties, but we can sit and eat together!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

GE 13 poll

"Ubah! Ini kalilah! Lain kalilah!" adalah slogan-slogan yang dilaungkan oleh pengundi-pengundi diMalaysia diFB, twitter dan blog.
Walau ape pun keputusan pada 9 malam ini, kita terima dengan redha dan harapkan yang terbaik untuk semua..
This morning I went to my school with history, SMK sect 19 shah alam with my friends which I have known since 8 years old.

We line up in 'saluran 5'. Suddenly, SPR staff came to us and said, you can just go to the respective room because I bring my kid.. Then, I straight away go to the room and vote.
Since everybody is posting finger with ink picture, I also did it in FB and insta.. :D

So, whatever the result is, just take it dengan redha and please dont be samseng you guys.. This is Malaysia and we have rules and regulation. Peace you all..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pemilihan lingerie yang betul

Cara-cara pemilihan lingerie kurang diberi pendedahan dinegara kita. Pemilihan lingerie bukan sekadar untuk cantik dipakai, malahan bersesuaian dgn bentuk badan dan selesa dibadan pemakai.  Walaubagaimanapun, terdapat banyak jenama yang laris dipasaran daripada harga yang murah sehinggalah yang mahal. 

Long bra
Long girdle
Jadi, disini saya akan kongsikan bersama anda tentang pemilihan lingerie;
  • Cuba elakkan pemilihan bra yang mempunyai kain yang nipis dan berspan. Tetapi pilih kain yang mempunyai ciri-ciri akwatek dan akwadyne kerana dalam cuaca yang panas, kain ini dapat menyejukkan badan.
  • Wired bra dengan ukuran yang sesuai, tidak terlalu longgar dan tidak terlalu ketat.  Anda tidak perlu risau jika anda membeli Premium Beautiful kita ada agent yang berpengalaman untuk mengukur lilit dibahagian badan yang sepatutnya.
  • Cara pemakaian lingerie samada bra atau underwear haruslah betul kerana lemak-lemak yang terdapat dibadan kita dapat disorokkan dan ditolak masuk kedalam lingerie.  Selepas memakai bra, bongkokkan badan sedikit, tolak ketulan lemak yang ada ditulang selangka dan bahagian atas perut masuk ke bra's cup.Bahagian belakang dan perut akan nampak lurus dan kelihatan kedudukan tegak tanpa ada ketulan lemak. Dengan pemakaian Premium Beautiful, lemak-lemak akan terkumpul ketempat yang sepatutnya jika pemakaianya secara konsisten iaitu 8 jam sehari dan dipakai berterusan selama 3 hingga 6 bulan.  
  • Cara basuhan lingerie juga perlu diberi perhatian dengan menggunakan sabun yang mempunyai tahap alkali yang rendah. (pH alkali : pH 8 dan keatas).  Detergen dan sabun serbuk tidak sesuai untuk tujuan cucian. Tidak boleh menggunakan mesin dan haruslah menggunakan tangan.  Cara cucian lingerie boleh refer di sini.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rahsia sambal tumis

Hello readers!

Harini I akan share resepi sambal tumis yang sedap..

1. Cili boh
2. 3 bawang merah
3. 3 bawang putih
4. 1 bawang besar
5. Gula (1/2 sudu)
6. Garam buluh (secukup rasa)
7. Belacan
8. Asam jawa
9. Gula melaka (secukup rasa)
10. Minyak masak (of course lah kan)

Blend bahan-bahan 1 sampai 3. Pastikan minyak didalam kuali panas dan letakkan bawang putih sehingga baunya harum. Tuangkan bahan yang dikisar kedalam kuali dan masukkan juga belacan. Semasa tumis bahan yang dikisar, api perlu lah perlahan dan memerlukan kesabaran yg tinggi yer nak tunggu cili tu betul2 masak n garing.. Macam mane nak tau? Warna akan bertukar merah kehitam2an. Kalau kering, dan cili belum masak, just tambah air dan biarkan ia masak. Setelah cili agak garing, ataupun pecah minyak, masukkan gula melaka. Anda juga ada pilihan utk letak gula biasa atau tidak. Saya tidak menggunakan gula biasa. Kemudian masukkan ikan bilis/sotong(digoreng dahulu utk keringkan airnya)/udang/ayam goreng/telur. Tambahkan bawang besar yg dihiris bulat2. Kemudian letakkan air asam jawa 2 sudu dan garam buluh secukup rasa. Kemudian siap dihidang. Boleh dimkn dgn nasi, nasi lemak, roti, lempeng dll.

Selamat mencuba!
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BB Plus Collagen on promotion

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BB Plus Collagen

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Pemilihan lingerie yang betul

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