Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kenapa Premium Beautiful

I love my PB set sebab

1. Sangat selesa
2. Ade body curve
3. Mengurangkan sakit belakang
4. Membuatkan postur badan dalam keadaan yang betul
5. Membuatkan diri saya lebih confident

Saya start pakai tahun 2010 selepas bersalin anak ke-2 dan anda tak perlu risau sebab set PB ada warranty sepanjang hayat.. Kalau rosak or koyak, anda boleh hantar utk service secara PERCUMA.. Ye percuma!! Best kan?!

Jom pakai PB!! Call and contact me now..

Thursday, March 28, 2013

pecel lele lela

Hye peeps.. Last Tuesday I went to one of Indo restaurant in section 7 shah alam known as Pecel Lele Lela.. I guess the owner of the restaurant named Lela. The best part is, i saw the promotion bunting stated "siapa namanya Lela, boleh nikmati makanan secara percuma" :D

This is the menu

And they open daily

This is me, with no pix editing ya.. Its lighting effect

I ordered bakso.. Delicious and i dont even snap a pix of bakso. Hehe.. And these are the foods ordered by my mom

Overall 4 stars out of 5!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Premium Beautiful

Just a quick one. Today I would like to deliver PB corset to my friend in Shah Alam.. I hope PB can help her in conceiving a baby.. Because, PB also helps woman to conceive. This is one of 'usaha' to get a 'rezeki'. insyAllah.. Kita sebagai manusia, jangan berhenti berusaha.

So, people around Bangi and Kajang area 

can deliver the corset to you anytime.. 

Just call me at 011 2704 1914

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Facon Education fair

It was a great experience when you have to market your own institution.. There are many people who were interested in our program A level and diploma program in German Malaysian Institute..

I impressed with the chinese family whom are ready for their kids education since they was 12! They have future plans for their kids on the early childhood though.. They sent them for German language class because their kids told the parents that they want to study engineering in Germany at the age of 13!

Learn as many language as you can! Mase diorg kecik lagi we as a parent, should encourage them to learn second language..

Enroll our foundation program and diploma program now!!

Please come to our OPEN DAY to have further 

information and to have a look on our

facilities, workshops, classes and many 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stretch mark!!

Body cantik, tapi ade stretch mark! mesti tak best kan.. Saya ada stretch mark dulu, after deliver my first child. But now I don't have the stretch mark.. All gone..


Because I'm wearing Premium Beautiful


Home sweet home (part 1)

Saya belum ada home sweet home sendiri lagi. Rase macam looser pun ye jugak sebab dah umur 31 yrs old this year.. Takpe rezeki masing-masing. yang penting kita perlu beusaha untuk mendapatkannya satu hari nanti. The reason I blog today is because I want to share some tips or steps to be accurate, when you want to buy your own house, your own property.


Illustration above there is our future house. InsyaAllah siap mid 2014. It is not an easy process when you want to buy a home. Sekarang rumah makin lame makin mahal. kadang2 rase ridiculous pulak tgk harga2 rumah sekarang.

What are the factors that you have to take into consideration:

  1. AffordableOf course you have to buy a house yang mampu kan. At least you have balance 1/3 of your salary. Maksudnye kalau gaji you all RM3k, dah tolak2 semua commitment, you all tinggal RM 1k lagi utk bayar installment.. so baru la boleh bank take into consideration. 
  2. Developersome people would be very particular in choosing their house developer. but some tak kisah pun. As for me, I would choose developer yang good reputation. this one you really need to sit down and do some research. Yang glamour are Sime DarbyI&PGlomacIJM landspsetiaUMland dan byk lagi. Or else you can go to
  3. LocationMesti la kene decide location dulu supaya rumah tu strategic dengan tempat kerja sendiri dan tempat kerja husband.  I love to have a peaceful place, bile dah balik keje penat2, kalau boleh biarlah area kwsn rumah kite kurang sesak dgn kereta2 dan kenderaan2 yang besar.
Lepas you all dah tgk ketiga2 kriteria di atas, you have to go to the developer office or site office of the house yg you nak beli.  Some people would go for rumah yang dah siap. As for my case, I would choose rumah baru yang baru buat foundation. The price is cheaper drp rumah yang dah siap. 

Mase you all nak booking rumah, you need to identify which house yg really want to. menghadap matahari ke, matahari kat belakang ke? Is it facing the field.. or dpn junction. so byk factors that you have to take into consideration. intermediate or corner lot or end lot. Then only you have to;

  1. Pay booking fee (it depends on the price of the house. Mine is RM 2000) plus submitting the documents like IC, your 3 months latest salary slip, EA form, EPF statement. Submit to sales person, so they will give to the banks. Usually they have panel banks. (my case: Bank Islam, Muamalat, Public Bank and RHB)
  2. After 2 working days, the bank will call you and ask to submit documents if the doc you submitted are not clear or they might make an appointment with you.  They will give the best offer and explain on BLR, BFR, installment, and duration of the housing loan. The banks have their own package. (this one we really have to study on islamic loan vs conventional loan)
  3. Usually 90% housing loan will be calculated for first house, and it is based on your commitment. If one name wouldn't allow you get the loan, your spouse name will be included. You need to sign a form where they can check CTOS and CCRIS
  4. After 2 weeks, the particular bank will call you and tell you the approval of the loan. If 90% loan is not approve, they will offer for 80%.  They also will give their best offer. 
  5. Approval is based on your history commitment (6 months). How do you pay your credit card, your car loan or any properties do you have. Kalau payment tak cantik, it will be appeared on ccris or ctos.. so far, mine was perfect! :D
Done about the loan.. next step will be discussed later okay..

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tips to get pregnant

Hello people.. hope you have a great weekend with your family.  I updating this blog to tell woman out there who plan to conceive.. owh before that, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY to all woman out there.. We should feel blessed because we were appreciated ladies.. Back to my topic today, if you are married and plan to conceive.. I hope this tips will help you ladies..

  • Folic acid – it is a part of B-complex vitamin that helps you to reduce the risk of serious birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord.
  • Ovulation days – there are many apps in your smart phone on ovulation calendar. Just download it and you have to fill in your menstrual schedule.  Every month, it will notify you your ovulation day. It is easy to know when your fertile day is.  And intimation should be done before your fertile day. NOT after your fertile day.
  • Premium Beautiful corset – what is so special about this corset? I've been using it 3 years ago.  After delivered by 2nd child, I'm wearing it during confinement and after confinement too.. It helps to stabilize your hormone as estrogen and progesterone
    • By just wearing the PB corset, your womb’s position will be stable, strengthen, protected and will be supported at the particular position
    • When the womb is ready, your chance to conceive will be much HIGHER
So, people out there, if you are ready to conceive, try my tips.

and if you want to have 1 set of PB you can leave your 

comment here or you also can email me at

or twit me @farishnina

Kenapa Premium Beautiful

March 30, 2013

pecel lele lela

March 28, 2013

Premium Beautiful

March 26, 2013

Facon Education fair

March 19, 2013

Stretch mark!!

March 13, 2013

Home sweet home (part 1)

March 13, 2013

Tips to get pregnant

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